Roof Cleaning



It’s true! Those ugly dark streaks and roof stains CAN be removed! If the dark, streaky appearance of your roof has you thinking replacement is the only option, then think again. Don’t replace – RESTORE!


Allowing moss to grow between the shingles of your roof can create many potential problems long-term. It allows for water to build up behind the shingles which causes leaking, rotting and decomposition. When it comes to roof cleaning, the best option to take is the use of a low pressure cleaning method to eliminate moss and other material that has grown in the cracks of your roof shingles. This is where a roof cleaning company like O’Sullivans can step in and get the job done right. O’Sullivans is a roof cleaning expert in Rockland County who has the proper tools to clean your roof and shingles without causing damage.


When  performing your roof cleaning, we will use the proper cleaners and low pressure cleaning techniques needed to increase the performance and longevity of your roof. Our roof cleaning expert will apply cleaning chemicals which are designed to kill moss, making sure the moss no longer continues to grow.  Once this step is complete, we will rinse away the moss and debris with low pressure which will make your roof look like new.


Utilizing our safe and effective Soft Wash Roof Cleaning method, we can make your existing roof look like new again by safely dissolving and rinsing away the strain of algae that feeds on the limestone in your shingles. And the best part… it’s all done for a fraction of the cost of a new roof!